Changelog Key

Please use these categories to communicate changes made to for the following audiences: administrators, content creators, designers, developers, faculty, learners, partners, philanthropic investors, tech support agents, and vendors.

ACTIVATED previously installed feature or plugin.
ADDED new content or learning function.
ALIGNED versions to ensure compatibility.
ARCHIVED content, code, files, and products.
DEACTIVATED plugin or add-on.
DEPRECIATED outdated or unused function.
FIXED bugs or errors.
IMPROVED content or enhanced feature.
INSTALLED plugin or add-on.
OPTIMIZED pages or site for improved performance.
PUBLISHED new course, product, or content.
REMOVED content, code, or plugins.
SECURED site with enhanced cybersecurity features.
TESTED content, functionality, or feature.
UPDATED content, add-ons, or plugins.
UPLOADED new app build
Profile Dropdown June 16, 2021
The Quad June 7, 2021
ADDED iFrame embed of Topia world for

Added a new feature called, “The Quad,” using Topia’s spatial video chat.  Log in and grant access to your video and microphone and begin live interaction with other members of the community. As you walk toward people your video and sound fade in. Walk away and the video and sound fades away. Spacial video chat at your fingertips! See a Video Tour.

Improved Features June 6, 2021
ACTIVATED Moderation: Content reporting
ACTIVATED Moderation: Member blocking
IMPROVED Automated Contributors profiles in Contributors page
IMPROVED Added WYSIWYG editor to Support Tickets
Navigation & Notifications April 10, 2021
ADDED Coming Soon pages
IMPROVED Footer Navigation