The WISE CAP Method

The educational experiences at are designed for adult learners to achieve measurable objectives by applying the WISE CAP method, a pedagogy developed by Dr. Nathan C. Walker. Students begin by

Watching compelling videos;

 Interacting with retention games;

Studying scholarly sources; and

Engaging their fellow students and instructors.

Those enrolled in the verified courses earn their CAP and are eligible to receive academic credit from our partner schools by

Composing the assigned essays,

Amending their written work based on faculty feedback, and verbally

Presenting their insights to classmates and instructors.

The WISE CAP method uses the gamification of online learning to enhance the intellectual and professional development of adults of all ages.

Students who wish to receive academic credit supplement the WISE CAP exercises with a final assignment: The Capstone Project. In this instructor-supervised independent study, students will demonstrate their ability to apply their content knowledge to a community of practice.