Community & Communication

Humans are social creatures. What we learn is just as important as how we learn together, which is why our motto is “Come for the Classes. Stay for the Community.” 

1791 Delegates place the highest priority on building community. Our active engagement with one another does not imply uniformity of ideas or permits invidious exclusivity. We encourage a rich exchange of ideas from a variety of standpoints. 

However, 1791 Delegates — as owners and moderators of this private community — will remove any communication and suspend or expel users whose content was flagged as follows:

  1. Aggressive: Hostile, belligerent, abusive, threatening, intimidating, or antagonistic combativeness.
  2. Civic Interference: Manipulates or interferes with an election or other civic activities, or misleads others about when, where, or how to engage in an election or civic process.
  3. Discrimination: Unjust or prejudicial treatment based on the protections listed in the anti-discrimination policy.
  4. Exploitation: Taking advantage, preying on, or manipulating children or vulnerable adults.
  5. Harassment: Harrying, pestering, intimidating, stalking, or bullying behavior.
  6. Harm: Promotion or encouragement of injury to self or others.
  7. Illegal Activity: Engaging in unlawful or illegal behavior.
  8. Inappropriate: Contains mature or sensitive content.
  9. Intellectual Property Violation: Represents another person’s words, ideas, or work as one’s own, or violates copyright or trademarks.
  10. Impersonation: Poses as an individual or group to impersonate, mislead, confuse, or deceive others.
  11. Misinformation: Contains misleading or false information.
  12. Offensive: Contains abusive or derogatory content.
  13. Privacy Violation: Publishes or posts other people’s private information (such as home phone number and address) without their express authorization and permission.
  14. Sensitive: Excessively violent or cruel, or nudity or sexual activity.
  15. Spam: Irrelevant, indiscriminate, or inappropriate communication to recipients.
  16. Suspicious: Contains fake content or potential malware.