1. Onboarding Grants

About 1791 Delegates

ReligionAndPublicLife.org is a project of 1791 Delegates, a nonprofit public charity named after the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. Its delegation of First Amendment and human rights educators serve the general public by curating civic education programs, producing academic research, and developing strategic initiatives. 1791 Delegates curtail prejudice, discrimination, and social hostilities in three ways—through First Amendment education, human rights education, and religious literacy education.

What is an onboarding grant?

As a public charity, 1791 Delegates awards “onboarding grants” to individuals or organizations who may be featured as contributors, certifying organizations, and/or vendors on the social learning community ReligionAndPublicLife.org. These terms are defined as follows.


All contributors, certifying organizations, and vendors –– whether individuals or organizations –– are required to complete this onboarding grant application.

An onboarding grant is an in-kind, non-monetary contribution by 1791 Delegates, a public charity. 1791 Delegates provides grantees with the technology and professional expertise needed to promote their work on ReligionAndPublicLife.org. Examples include supporting grantees with website designers, software developers, curriculum writers, e-learning specialists, e-commerce technicians, student advisors, teaching fellows, and administrators.


A contributor is an individual or organization of experts whose academic content promotes the public understanding of religion. All contributors retain exclusive rights over their content, courses, products, services, and events.


A certifying organization is a nonprofit corporation that awards digital credentials to users who complete their branded courses, programs, products featured on ReligionAndPublicLife.org.


A vendor is an individual or organization that sells products or services on the ReligionAndPublicLife.org bookstore.


1791 Delegates are civic educators as well as job creators. The ultimate purpose of ReligionAndPublicLife.org is to empower individual scholars and nonprofit organizations with the technology, and professional support needed to create a sustained revenue stream for its grantees. By professionally investing in leaders in the field of religion and public life, our grantees financially benefit from cultivating the public understanding of religion.

How do we apply for an onboarding grant?

Apply by completing the onboarding grant form.