Unacceptable Content & Behavior

1791 Delegates will remove any communication and suspend or expel users whose content or behavior violates the community standards.


1. Aggressive: Hostile, belligerent, abusive, threatening, intimidating, or antagonistic combativeness.

2. Civic Interference: Manipulates or interferes with an election or other civic activities, or misleads others about when, where, or how to engage in an election or civic process.

3. Discrimination: Unjust or prejudicial treatment based on the protections listed in the anti-discrimination policy.

4. Exploitation: Taking advantage, preying on, or manipulating children or vulnerable adults.

5. Harassment: Harrying, pestering, intimidating, stalking, or bullying behavior.

6. Harm: Promotion or encouragement of injury to self or others.

7. Illegal Activity: Engaging in unlawful or illegal behavior.

8. Inappropriate: Contains mature or sensitive content.

9. Intellectual Property Violation: Represents another person’s words, ideas, or work as one’s own, or violates copyright or trademarks.

10. Impersonation: Poses as an individual or group to impersonate, mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

11. Misinformation: Contains misleading or false information.

12. Offensive: Contains abusive or derogatory content.

13. Privacy Violation: Publishes or posts other people’s private information (such as home phone number and address) without their express authorization and permission.

14. Sensitive: Excessively violent or cruel, or nudity or sexual activity.

15. Spam: Irrelevant, indiscriminate, or inappropriate communication to recipients.

1 Contains fake content or potential malware.