Diversity & Inclusion

1791 Delegates, in partnership with its grantees, produce inclusive materials by and for diverse stakeholders, ensuring that the content at ReligionAndPublicLife.org is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and honoring of diverse cultures.

As a community designed to be culturally responsive, our programs model in both content and form methods for promoting cross-cultural and multicultural understanding. Contributors bring their unique standpoint to this educational initiative. They do not speak for others who hold similar or overlapping identities.

By inviting diverse ideas and people from different backgrounds, we train learners to see human diversity as both a strength and a strategy for co-creating a shared community.

Our print and digital publications are accessible to people with various learning styles, shareable, and aesthetically compelling. We use plain language to make legal and academic concepts intelligible and culturally relevant. Our tone is respectful, honoring the intelligence and dignity of our diverse audiences.