Changelog Key

Please use these categories to communicate changes made to for the following audiences: administrators, content creators, designers, developers, faculty, learners, partners, philanthropic investors, tech support agents, and vendors.

  • ACTIVATED previously installed feature or plugin.
  • ADDED new content or learning function.
  • ALIGNED versions to ensure compatibility.
  • ARCHIVED content, code, files, and products.
  • DEACTIVATED plugin or add-on.
  • DEPRECIATED outdated or unused function.
  • FIXED bugs or errors.
  • IMPROVED content or enhanced features.
  • INSTALLED plugin or add-on.
  • OPTIMIZED pages or sites for improved performance.
  • PUBLISHED a new course, product, or content.
  • REMOVED content, code, or plugins.
  • SECURED site with enhanced cybersecurity features.
  • TESTED content, functionality, or feature.
  • UPDATED content, add-ons, or plugins.