Name and Taglines Policy

See the Style Guide for illustrations of this policy. is our official name and the website address. When referencing the project please use the full name with the “.org”. 

Please do not use acronyms; RPL has other meanings.

“Religion and public life” is a field of study. It’s a term used by other organizations; therefore, please always use the “.org” to communicate that we are an online community.

Please capitalize the first letter of each of the first four words but not the “o” in .org, so that it reads as follows:

The official logo replaces the A in “And” with an upside-down V, as replicated in the 1791 Delegates logo and other products of 1791 Delegates. This style originated from the handwriting of its founder, Dr. Nathan C. Walker.

Please capitalize the first letters in the primary tagline, as follows: “Come for the Classes. Stay for the Community. And the secondary tagline is “Civic Education for a Common Good.”