Font Use Policy

See the Study Guide for illustrations of this policy. uses two Google Fonts to convey its brand: Cardo and Lato. 

Headline 1

H1. Cardo Regular 32px #001C72

Centered Page Titles (Resolution Blue)

Headline 2

H2. Cardo Regular 28px #001C7D

Primary Section Header (Resolution Blue) followed by Page Separator (Resolution Blue)

Headline 3

H3. Cardo Bold 24px #045EA7

Sub-Section Heading (Lapis Lazuli )

Headline 4

H4. Cardo Bold 18px #8C0080

Sub-Sub-Section Heading (Dark Magenta)

Headline 5

H5. Cardo Regular 18px #001C70

Background Heading for Boxes (Resolution Blue or manually forced white text for dark backgrounds)


H6. Lato 18px Weight 300 #045EA7

Captions, footers, information bar

Body Text

Lato 18px  Weight 300 #444444


Paragraph justified left with one space between paragraphs. Body hyperlinks in Dark Magenta (#8C0087) with Resolution Blue (#001C7D) as the hover color.