Onboarding Experts to Bookstore

Step 1. In Bookstore > WooCommerce Products > Create a New Product. List the Expert's full name as the product name and include any salutations such as degrees. Examples: Rev. Dr. Edwin J. Greenlee, Esq. or Anshuela Sulegrham, MPhil, JD

Step 2. Select the Vendor that will receive the Commission.

Step 3. Under Product Types, select "Experts."

Step 4. Select the Experts "Academic Subjects" and "Topics" and leave blank items in "Skills" and Geographies" and "Religions and Identities."

Step 5. Upload the Product Image, the Expert's headshot embedded in the ReligionAndPublicLife.org Expert badge.

Under the "Product Data" widget, follow these next steps:

Step 6. Under Product Data, select a "Variable Prductuct."

Step 7. Under General, enter the number "80" without the percent sign to set the Commission at "80" percent and select the radio button "split taxes."

Step 8. Under Inventory, leave blank

Step 9. Under Shipping, leave blank

Step 10. Under Linked Products > Upsells, choose the Vendor's related Certificate program. 

Step 11. Under Attributes, use the "Custom product attribute" dropdown to select "Services." A popup will show you how many variations were added then press "Okay." Check both boxes: "Visible on the product page" and "Used for variations." Under Values(s), press "Select all" then "Save attributes."

Step 12. Allow the widget section to load. Under Variations, use the dropdown menu to select "Create variations from all attributes" and press "Go." Use the three-lined hamburger icon to reorder the Variations in order from cheapest to most expensive. Then choose each variation to open the accordion to customize each service. 

  • Live Webinar: Select "Enabled" and "Virtual" and set Regular price at $500, choose "In stock," and set Commission at "80."
  • Onsite Presentation: Select "Enabled" and "Virtual" and set Regular price at $1,000, choose "In stock," and set Commission at "80."
  • Professional Development: Select "Enabled" and "Virtual" and set Regular price at $1,800, choose "In stock," and set Commission at "80."
  • Custom Consultation: Select "Enabled" and "Virtual." Use the "Name Your Price" to set the Minimum Price at $2,500 and Maximum Price at $5,000. Choose "In stock" and set Commission at "80."
  • Finally, "Save Changes" and "Update" the product page.