Troubleshooting User Login Issues

Step A. Create Support Ticket

  1. Log in to the FreshDesk platform and Create a New Ticket. 
  2. Add the user's name to the Contact field and add "Locked Out of" as the subject line. 
  3. Then, under "type," list "Locked Out User," and under Source, either list "Learner Request," or "Faculty Request," or "Contributor," depending on the user type. 
  4. Leave the status as "Open," and make the priority "Urgent" and file under the "Advisement" group. 
  5. In the description, state "User is locked out" and, when possible, identify the email address and or IP address that the user used to get the failed login notice. 
  6. Press "Create" to send. 
  7. This ticket generates an email notification. 

Step B. Unblock User

Visit the My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard > Wordfence > Firewall > Blocking tab. Check the locked-out user and press "unblock." Then confirm whether you want to stop blocking the selected user. 

Step C. Reset Password 

Visit My Sites > • Learn > Dashboard > Users. Hover over the user in question and select "Edit." Under "Account Management," select "Send Reset Link," which will send the user a link to reset their password. 

Step D. Acknowledge User 

  1. Press "reply" to begin responding to the ticket. 
  2. Use the "Canned Response" and select the canned email titled, "Your access to" 
  3. Add the user's Username to the <<INSERTUSERNAME>>field. 
  4. Read over to make sure that it reads like a customized and personalized acknowledgment and apology. Example: 

Dear {{ticket.requester.firstname}},

I noticed you were locked out when trying to sign in with {{ticket.from_email}}. I am sorry about this inconvenience! I'll investigate why this occurred. 

Meanwhile, I unblocked your account and sent a password reset to {{ticket.from_email}} for username <<INSERTUSERNAME>>.

Feel free to reply to this ticket or begin a live chat if you have any issues. 




Jo Charest, Academic Advisor

Come for the Classes. Stay for the Community.

Step E. Resolve Ticket 

Return to the ticket you created for the user and change the status to Closed, and press "Update."